I was having extreme difficulty pronouncing ‘The Simpsons’ yesterday night. First I accidentally said ‘The Symptoms’ and then I just could not pronounce the ‘n’ and kept saying ‘The Simpsoms’ and all in all I had to forget about it and continue with whatever I was saying about The Simpsons because my mouth wouldn’t work.

I wonder if anyone thinks my sister and I are being serious in my sidebar picture.

Hopefully not. It’s just that all of the pictures I have of myself are of me purposely pulling a stupid face because I’m brilliantly uncomfortable in front of a camera (in other words, horrendously unphotogenic). And I’m not even being one of those people who are like ‘Ohh, I look so ugly in every photo’ when they actually look fine. All I ever hear regarding pictures of myself is ‘OMG, YOU DON’T EVEN LOOK LIKE THAT!’ I actually look more attractive in a photo if I’m trying to look ugly. It’s that ‘mmm, they’re pulling a funny face but would look attractive if they were being normal’ thing, but no, unfortunately not. 

I bought Company magazine because it had Marina Diamandis on the cover and a feature on Jessie J and it was really good. Might switch from Cosmopolitan.