Disclosure | F For You (ft. Mary J. Blige)

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dancer in the night
playing with my eyes.
velvet tongue so sweet
say anything you like.

crush me with the lies
and tell me once or twice
that love is paradise,
love is paradise

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Jacob Banks – Kids On The Corner

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Today’s slice (#551):

Stray - ‘Matchsticks’.

this is a good song but it sounds like someone having a diva strop hahaha


Today’s slice (#532):

Intelligent Manners // 'I’m In Love Again'

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Bok Bok ft Kelela - Melba’s Call

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Modest Mouse - Dramamine

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Lovelife | 'Dying To Start Again'

Brooklyn based pop band Lovelife have created one hell of a chill summer infused jam with their tune ‘Dying To Start Again’. I might have just found a new obsession in Lovelife. To listen to more of them, check out their soundcloud here.

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From Indian Lakes // ‘TIll I Can Walk

Love never takes, but I’ve seen it take everything.
Is no one around when you need them the most?
Until your love takes them away
Please restore my ability to love again

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