Bristol Balloon Fiesta By gezkaz


Tandem bicycle in fancy dress from the Bristol Post.


This street always reminds me of Full House.
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God, how rude of the last house on the left (EYYYY) to have those windows


Korean Supermarket, Bristol

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

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Last summer was filled with emotional turmoil and beautiful sunsets. This is the night I got a couple of dumb awesome tattoos at my friend’s house.

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Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England.


Bristol Temple Meads. 

That platform 13 is literally the farthest platform from the entrance and then there’s two flights of stairs to actually get to it and the only time the train to my hometown was actually going from that platform was the only time I needed to catch it, with like, 30 seconds to spare.

An OAP actually ran past me. It was a sad moment.


Bristol, lights coming on.

Pentax 645, Fuji Reala.