day 128: what is your life’s purpose

You kiddin’ me?

day 127: do you believe in second chances

Yes, if the reason the first chance failed warrants a second. Depends on what had happened, how forgiving I was feeling and how deserving the person (or thing?) wanting the second chance was.

day 126: have you ever been betrayed by someone you trusted

Only on a small scale. Silly things.

People I’m close to are losing/have lost their patience with me (it having been chipped down over a period of time) which hurts me and to me feels somewhat like betrayal but other than that, no. I don’t know or talk to enough people to be betrayed, ofc!

day 125: have you ever gone out of your way to make someone happy

Not substantially, just stuff like picking up something for someone. I don’t really have anyone to do anything substantial for tbh.

day 124: have you ever had feelings for someone who was seeing someone else

Yes, and I do believe most other people have also.

especially fine celebrities

day 123: do you believe teenagers can fall in love

Well, I’d have to read up on a brain chemistry study to be sure but I’d say yes. If you are in a long term relationship with someone whom you still feel deeply connected and attached to after the initial phases of lust and/or attraction, you are in love, regardless of age. 

day 122: which activities make you lose track of time

HTML along with the internet. Occasional chatting. That’s it really. Thrilling, I know.

day 121: what do you think about stereotypes

I can appreciate a good joke but if looking at it seriously, I disagree with the majority of stereotyping. It’s just another form of judgement that leads to prejudice.

I have to say, British stereotyping really irritates me. Apparently we’re either a Cockney from Oliver Twist or Her Majesty. Also, the asshole of the (plural, alright?!) movie is 90% of the time a British guy with one of those two accents. No, no. 

I can’t say I never stereotype because it’s pretty much human nature but I fight it as much as possible and would never use it to seriously insult anyone.

So yes, for the most part I think stereotyping is bullshit. Especially on the subject of race/ethnicity, sexual orientation and jobs.


day 120: what is your zodiac sign and what do you think it means

Cancer. I don’t know, does it mean anything at all?

day 119: something you hope you never have to do

Don’t wanna answer this one if I’m honest. Ah, anxieties.

day 118: what people in your life inspire you the most

As unappreciative as this sounds, no one really. I seem to take inspiration from different things to those I know. Bittersweet things.